GITH Woman. Championing The Extraordinary In Women Across Malta & Gozo. Read Our Collection Of Inspiring Conversations.

From Pankhurst to Pink and Wolf to Winfrey, the world has seen many a wonder women enthuse a generation. Our GITH Woman Series looks closer to home and finds an abundance of inspiring fierce females right on our doorstep.  They have one glorious thing in common. Mixing passion with purpose and following their hearts. We hope by reading them, you will be inspired to do the same. Click on the picture to read the interviews.

The GITH Woman Series

Let these conversations serve as a reminder to follow our dreams and feel worthy enough to receive the rewards for doing so.

Gozo in the house

Do Ordinary Things With Extraordinary Love.

Mother Theresa

GITH WOMAN; A Deeper Dive

We asked some of the ladies featured in our GITH Woman series to write something that they are passionate about. Enjoy their offerings below.

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GITH Woman Series Gozo in the House

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GITH Woman Series Gozo in the House

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