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Offer An Enticing Digital Experience For Visitors.

Showcase An Authentic Gozo.

Improve Your Online & Local Visibility.

Provide Accurate Information To Visitors.

Rank Higher On Google.

Improve Your Digital Presence

Improve And Amplify Your Digital Presence.

Create A Solid Digital Footprint.

Reach New Audiences.

Create A Library Of Engaging Content.

Share your Current News.

We Are Not Just A Guide

Twenty-Five Years Experience.

Brand, PR & Marketing Specialists

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We are the new breed of Gozo visitors.

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Preserve, protect, promote.

Collaboration is the future.

There’s great power in great teamwork.

None of us is as smart as all of us.

Like-minded souls create magic.

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How To Get Listed

  1. Register with Gozo In The House and create your free account below.
  2. If you are registering your business for the first time, upload your details as a Standard Listing.
  3. If your business is already listed, or you wish to upgrade to a Featured Listing get in touch.

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Get Listed On Gozo In The House Gozo in the House
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What Next?

If your listing is approved, you have the option to upgrade your listing to a Featured Listing which includes on-page SEO, 12 Business Images, Video Link, Profile Description, Live Map Details and seasonal Social Media Marketing across the GITH platforms.

With a Featured Listing, you will benefit from direct booking and referrals, custom GITH package inclusions and our expert Marketing advice as we further promote your business through creative content. You will also be promoted through the relevant events we offer.

All Featured Listings benefit from cross-promotion and further content marketing from the date of the approved listing. View how we promote your business by clicking the Products & Pricing button below.