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In At The Deep End.

In At The Deep End. Ever wanted to ride the ocean waves and hire a self-drive boat on Gozo? I did and it revealed more than I expected..
What to See on gozo

Famous For It’s Beaches, Churches, And Pretty Villages, Why Not Check Out These Must-Visit Places On Gozo Island.

Ancient Gozo

Gozo is an ancient megalithic paradise and not just for the most famous tourist locations such as the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ġgantija. For hikers or more casual walkers, there are numerous Neolithic wonders sitting quietly, without signposts, in the countryside.  Read our articles on these wonderful sites and discover them for yourself.

Gozo In The House Brings You Seasonal Monthly Excerpts From Heléna Szöllősy’s Wonderful Book Weeds For Health On Gozo To Help You Forage Gozo Island And Learn About The Healing Properties Of Gozo’s Wild Plants.

Discover Gozo Island Gozo in the House

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