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The Gozo restaurant scene is ever-evolving and best experienced armed with insider tips. We regularly get up-close and personal with some of our favourite restaurants, restauranteurs, and chefs to cut through the noise, offer insider knowledge and local tips, to inspire your next foodie visit plus we let you know what’s new on the menu and the hottest dishes in gown!

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Our Recommendations

Gozo In The House has tried and tested these places to eat and drink in Gozo and we are proud to recommend them to you. Click on the restaurant and click ‘Explore More’ for a deeper dive into why we think they’re special.

Al Sale Restaurant

Latini Restaurant

Featured Restaurants

one80 Kitchen Gozo

Ristorante Arzella

Tmun Restaurant

Ta Tona Restaurant


Iberico Restaurant

Featured Restaurants

Fliegu Bar & Restaurant

Country Terrace Restaurant

Best Bars In Gozo

Looking For The Best Bars In Gozo? Here Are Our Recommendations…

Featured Bars

On The Rock

Featured Restaurants

Fliegu Bar & Restaurant

Featured Bars

Lord Chambray Brewery

Featured Bars

Gleneagles Bar

Ferdie’s Cocktail Bar & Restaurant


Featured Restaurants

Ix-Xatt at one80

Kohinoor Bar & Restaurant



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