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  • Andrea Britton


Yasmin Di Giorgio

Yasmin Di Giorgio is an Entrepreneur and a supporter of consciousness. Especially in businesses. She has launched three sustainable brands and is the co-founder of...

Ira Losco

GITH Woman. Ira Losco. Ira's story is about using creativity to inspire others whilst championing and enjoying the simple things in life.

Gayle Murphy

Gayle Murphy is a calm, composed, charismatic and uninhibited individual on a mission to make the world a better place. #GITHWoman

Vera Sant Fournier

Today we have a conversation with award-winning Interior Designer Vera Sant Fournier, a self-confessed wizard of light bulb moments, proud mum and wife. #GITHWoman

Joanna Spiteri Staines

Joanna Spiteri Staines. A force and a protector of nature. An architect and activist gunning for change. #GITHWoman

Sarah Woods

GITH Woman. Sarah Woods From SHE Malta. Finding and championing the extraordinary in women across the Islands of Malta.

Angele & Maryrose

GITH Woman. Finding and championing the extraordinary in women across the islands of Malta. Angele & Maryrose from Foundation FOR Women Entrepreneurs.

Rouvin Zammit Apap. A Man Of Many Perspectives

Rouvin Zammit Apap. A Man Of Many Perspectives. A Conversation With One Half Of The Duo Behind The One80 Brand.

Mayor Paul Buttigieg. In Tempestate Perfugium

Gozo In The House Talks Hobbies, Hondoq, Harmony And Heros With The Qala Mayor, Paul Buttigieg.

Cocktail Masterclass With Antonio Salerno: #6 Frangelico Sour

Learn How To Make A Frangelico Sour With Expert Cocktail Connoisseur Antonio Salerno

Palace In Wonderland. Country Terrace, Gozo.

GITH Dines Out A Country Terrace Restaurant, Gozo. A Palace In Wonderland.

Cocktail Masterclass: #2 Gin Basil Smash

Antonio Salerno is back with another super cocktail for you to make at home...Check this yummy recipe out!

Halloween In Gozo

Halloween in Gozo. Gozo In The House has some hula-ween fun! Follow Pietra and Peppi on their tour of Gozo.

Tmun Restaurant Gozo

Gozo In The House spent a balmy October evening under a bright full moon at the acclaimed Tmun restaurant in Mgarr, Gozo. 

Mulino At Villa di Venti.

Gozo In The House Were Cordially Invited To Mulino At Villa Dei Venti To Taste Four Few Signature Dishes...And Here Are The Results...

Zafiro Restaurant Xlendi

Gozo In The House Dines At The Sapphire Of Xlendi Bay, Zafiro Restaurant, Gozo.

Experience A Wine Tasting Dinner In Gozo.

Booking a Wine Tasting Dinner experience at Maldonado Bistro might be the best thing you do this year.

Bee aware: The importance of Bees

Did you know that bees can live without us, but we can’t live without them?

Make This! It-tuffieħ ta’ belludja

Eat Seasonal. It-tuffieħ ta’ belludja. From the ground or the tree to your plate is great!

Zeppis Pub, Gozo

Renowned for its vibe and live music nights, hear how Sonia Xerri lovingly created the institution that is Zeppi’s Pub in Qala, Gozo.

The Malta Farm Map.

Friends of the Earth Malta have devised The Malta Farm Map aiming to connect farmers and customers directly.

Ta Mena. The Agricultural Pulse Of Gozo Island

Gozo In The House Delves Into The Treasures Of The Ta Mena Estate. Find out what makes this farm and tour guide a must visit...

International Yoga Day.

Happy International Yoga Day Gozo. Here are five ways you can celebrate!

Local Fresh Garlic & Basil Pesto

Pauline Dwyer Shares Her Delicious Recipe For Mediterranean Fresh Garlic & Basil Pesto.

Hidden Gozo. These Are The Places You Might Miss

Watch this beautiful footage of Gozo by Danny Barton, devoted to life outdoors he captures beautiful footage of Gozo Island rarely seen.

Meet The Maker: Penny Foster

Andrea meets Penny Foster, a self-taught artist, photographer and musician who is charmed by Vivid Victoria.

Gozo Lockdown. Watch The Island during the 2020 lockdown.

Watch Gozo Island during the 2020 lockdown. Accomplished filmmaker Ricky Bugeja records a handprint in time.